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Life Settlement Option takes a dedicated approach to each individual case.  Because of this we've been successful at finding offers on cases where more established brokers couldn't find any, and have succeeded expectations on values as well.    We work for free until a client accepts an offer, and are compensated by the buyer at the close of escrow. 

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Today, people are living longer than ever, and are finding it challenging to have to keep paying the premiums on their life insurance policy.  They've spent years paying into it, the cost of insurance is increasing, and it's becoming harder to afford keeping the policy, but they don't want the policy to lapse.  Life Settlement Option is here to help present you with options and determine if a life settlement is right for you.        

Life Settlements, also known as Viaticals, are the sale of a life insurance policy to a 3rd party for a value greater than the cash surrender value and less than the death benefit.  In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision to allow the transfer of ownership of a life insurance policy to a 3rd party, but Viaticals and Life Settlements didn't really come about until the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s when people were given a short life expectancy.  Medicine improved over the years giving people with HIV longer life expectancies, but the need for Senior Settlements starting coming up in the life settlement arena not long after.  Few policy holders know about this option today, so we're here to help inform them of the opportunity they have available. 


In essence, a 3rd party investor can take over your premium payments until you pass away, and receives the death benefit as the beneficiary.  In exchange, the 3rd party provides both a lump sum of cash to the owner now, and the relief of having to pay the premiums for the remainder of your life. 

Typical life settlement candidates are 60 years or older and own a life insurance policy with a death benefit of $100,000 or more.  The most common polices sold are Universal Life, Whole Life, Term Life, and 2nd to Die policies.  Considerations that help determine the value of a life settlement are cash values, life expectancy, premiums, and death benefits

One of the selling points of opening a Universal Life Policy is the cash value account that builds with interest over time.  This cash value account can eventually be used either as a loan, or to help pay premiums to keep the policy going in the future, which sounds ideal when you're starting it.  What can happen though, is you live longer than you expect, and the cash value account gets completely drained from paying the premium to keep the policy going.  Your cost of insurance increases as you reach your golden years, and suddenly your out of pocket premium goes way up because there's no more cash value in your account to help pay it, and the premiums become too expensive for your budget.  This can be a great time to sell your policy to a 3rd party.

how to sell a life insuance policy with a life settlemet

Another scenario might simply be that you no longer need a life insurance policy, and you want to enjoy some of the benefits of the policy you have while you're still alive.  A life settlement may be the right option for you to have access to cash now.

2nd to Die life insurance policies offer lower premiums to a couple than an individual policy, and typically have the intention of leaving tax free inheritance for their children rather than a spouse.  With two people having to die before a death benefit is received, one spouse may outlive the other for a significant number of years, and may be better off selling the policy to an investor now rather than continuing to pay the premiums.

Term Life Insurance policies are often convertible to universal life or whole life policies, and therefore you may be surprised to find that your term policy that's ending soon may actually be worth something to an investor if it was converted to a permanent life insurance policy.   

In order to sell a life insurance policy, the premiums must be paid up, and the contract active.  Beyond that, the best way to get started is to request an appraisal with our team.  Selling a life insurance policy is similar to selling real estate in that it is considered a piece of property, and takes time to prepare, present, negotiate, and finalize before a deal is done.  The sooner you get started, the quicker you can get that premium payment off your back.  Send us an email, submit an appraisal request, or give us a call today.  



Life Settlement Option is a life settlement broker solution with a more dedicated approach to each individual case.  Because of this we've been successful at finding offers on cases where the larger, more experienced brokers couldn't find any, and have succeeded expectations on values as well.   

My very first client was my grandfather who lived longer than expected, his premiums became significantly more expensive, and he couldn't afford to keep his policy in-force.  My family was very happy with the settlement, and it opened my eyes to this unique industry which I've made my focus to help many more families with the same problem.    

Our job is to represent the seller in the marketplace and negotiate for the highest offer.  We've had nothing but satisfied clients even if they didn't decide to settle.  

We work for free until a client accepts an offer, and are compensated by the buyer at the close of escrow, and we look forward to helping you.  


Zack Taylor,

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