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Life settlements require that the insured is at least 65 years of age or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the death benefit of the policy has a minimum of $100,000.  

A great place to get started would be to find out an approximate value of your policy.  Complete the informal appraisal request form on this page to find out, or give us a call at 213.784.1481


Your health status, age, life expectancy, cost of insurance, and cash value in the policy will all be considered in the appraisal of your policy.  Term, Universal Life and Whole Life policies are the most common types of policies that are purchased in life settlements, however 2nd to Die policies are also common.  To sell a Term Policy it must still be convertible.  The conversion deadline is typically the end of the term or by age 75.  This conversion deadline can be found in your policy contract or by calling your insurance company.

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We are a team of life settlement experts with the goal of finding you the highest bidder for your life insurance policy.  The value of your life insurance policy has a lot of factors to consider, and each individual case is unique.  Sometimes we see offers over 60% of the death benefit while other times we might only get $10k if someone has a long life expectancy.  


Life settlements require some time to close, so if you're considering the life settlement option, get started today by submitting your details in the life settlement appraisal form, and we'll help you determine if you can qualify and what your policy might be worth if we bring it to market.